Raspberry Pi CNC User Interface SD Card Image V4.00

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Download (2.5Gb Zip):

Version 4.00 (Release Date: 2017/01/24)
Raspberry Pi CNC Hat Image - Download

To make things easier, we created a pre-configured bCNC Raspberry Pi image.

The Image has the following features installed and configured :

New in this release:

  • GRBL Firmware Updating Scripts - These scripts make it easy to swap between GRBL V0.9 and V1.1
  • LaserWeb3 Link - Server shortcut on the desktop.
  • ChiliPeppr Server Web Interface - Server shortcut on the desktop.
  • Universal Gcode Sender [ Version 1.0.9 ] Link - Server shortcut on the desktop.


  • bCNC [ Version 0.9.8 ] Link - Located on the desktop.
  • CNC.js [ Version v1.8.15 ] Link - Server shortcut to start it is on the desktop. (Run the shortcut once and go to the RPI's http://<RPI-IP>:8000)
  • Arduino [ Version 1.8.1 ] Link
  • AVRDude-RPI [ Customized ] - Programs Atmega328/Atmega2560's via Arduino IDE connected to /dev/ttyAMA0.

  • XRDB - The Raspberry Pi can be accessed via Remote Desktop.
  • TightVNCServer - Alternative to XRDB
  • CuteCom - Very simple to use serial terminal.
  • SSH has been enabled
  • The image is less than 4.5GB uncompressed and we recommend using a 8GB SD-card.
  • The hardware serial port has been configured as [/dev/ttyAMA0]. The Raspberry Pi 3 needs and extra step.(Below)
  • NodeJS V6.9.4
  • To setup a RPi 3's, run the "RPi3 Serial Config" shortcut on the desktop it will configure the hardware serial port and is only needed for on a RPi 3's. It only needs to be run once and will automatically reboot the Pi.

Login credentails(SSH & RDP):

  • Username : pi
  • Password : raspberry

Tested on:

  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Raspberry Pi 2
  • Raspberry Pi 1 B+ (Version with 40 Pin header)

Known Issues

  • Shrinking the image has been an issue. We recommend using a 16GB SD Card.

Installing the image: Raspberry Pi Image Installation Guide

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