Raspberry Pi CNC v2.5X

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This is just a draft wiki page to help people with the Raspberry CNC Challenge. (This will be merged into the mail RPI CNC board wiki at the end)

If you have any questions or suggestions please email me at info at protoneer dot co dot nz.

Previous version board details - http://wiki.protoneer.co.nz/Raspberry_Pi_CNC

Changes on Version V2.5

  • 4th stepper driver socket that can clone any of the other 3 axes. Using jumpers with the pins and the micro controller.(Arduino Nano) (Old instructions for using it - http://blog.protoneer.co.nz/arduino-cnc-shield-v3-00-assembly-guide/#4THAXIS only change is the change of pins for custom(Non-GRBL) 4th axis signals.)
  • Noise filters on the end stop lines.
  • Breakout of all the axes pins to be used with external stepper drivers like Gecko's.

Improvements for the next minor version of the board

  • Fixed the "Powered by GRBL" text to glow.